Balangan Beach - Surfing Beach of Balangan

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white sandy Balangan beach

Do you know about Balangan beach? Have you been to Balangan beach? Do you like to take your vacation in Balangan beach Bali? Balangan beach is the happening beach destination in Bali today. Many surfers from around the world coming to the Balangan beach to surf its big waves or just relaxing by the white sands beach.

If you considering your valuable time to enjoy your vacation in Balangan beach then you will have several benefits from your decission. Balangan beach not like any other beach in Bali still retain its natural form and not so crowded like other beach destination. That is why your vacation here will be filled with privacy and serenity not to mention the sunset views.

Balangan beach has developing in recent years with more and more private villas near from the beach are built by investors. By staying on private villas such as Villa Maha Balangan then you will save your money and time and most importanly you can enjoy all the fun and excitements when you arrived at the villa. Balangan guest house is also one of the most sough after accommodation in Balangan.

Pristine beach such as Balangan beach is hard to come around with so many things to see and do nearby and also the availability of private villas will make your vacation here remembered for a long time. So come to Balangan beach and enjoy your beach vacation here.

Villa Maha Balangan

Villa Maha Balangan This stunning three bedroom villa located in Balangan village just around 5 minutes from the beach.

Villa Maha Balangan

Balangan Guest House

Balangan guest houseThis stunning five bedroom guest house in Balangan located around less than 5 minutes drive from the Balangan beach.

Maha Residence Guest House

Puri Balangan

villa puri balanganVilla Puri Balangan has 3 (three) exclusive bedroom villas offer spacious and luxurious hideaway to guests with lavish accoutrements of a luxury managed villa.

Villa Puri Balangan

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Balangan Sunset

Balangan sunsetIf only one words can describe the beauty of sunset at Balangan beach: spectacular. If you are coming to the island on December where the sunos at its lowest point you will be able to see a large orange sun that will approach the horizon of the island beach on the west side including the Balangan beach.

Balangan Sunset

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